Jasper County Municipalities

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The City of Bay Springs

Bay Springs is located in east-central Mississippi in Jasper County. At the intersection of state highways 15 and 18. Near the center of the city, stands a gazebo shading a natural spring that is the city’s namesake. In the small valley of these clear flowing waters, Joe Blankenship settled in the 1880’s and built the sawmill that became the city’s early industrial base. By 1900, the population numbered forty-six. When the Mobile-Jackson and Kansas City Railroad was built through the town in the early 1900’s, lumberman L. L. Denson moved there from Lake Como and became the founder of the Municipality of Bay Springs in 1904.

Bay Springs is the county seat and largest incorporated city in Jasper County. With a population of 2,194 , Bay Springs makes up about 10% of the total county population of 18,162. As the central hub of Jasper County, the city is headquarters for the five-man Board of Supervisors which govern the county, the full-time Sheriff’s Department and Jasper General Hospital.  Four state highways converge in or near Bay Springs, Hwys 15, 18, 531, and 528.

The Town of Louin

Louin is located in northeast Jasper County, Mississippi seven miles north of Bay Springs on State Highway 15. The town has a total area of 6.1 square miles and has an elevation of 378 feet. The population of Louin at the time of the 2000 census was 339. Louin was incorpoated July 29, 1904.

Louin, Mississippi, in Jasper county, is 56 miles E of Jackson, Mississippi (center to center) and 154 miles N of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Louin began as an intersection of two county roads where a trading center later developed. In 1890 a post office was opened and named Louin for Louin Ishee. The town was incorporated in 1894 and in 1906 the railroad was built through the town.
Montrose cityhall

The Town of Montrose

Montrose is a town located in Jasper County Mississippi on state Highway 15. As of 2000, the population of Montrose is 127 and the town covers  2.7  sq miles and is at 430 ft elevation. Montrose, Mississippi, in Jasper county, is 56 miles E of Jackson, Mississippi (center to center) and 158 miles N of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Located four miles northeast of Louin, Montrose was settled by a colony of Scottish people in the 1830's and was named for James Montrose a Marquess of Scotland.

The establishment of Montrose Academy in 1841 by Reverend J.N.Waddell marked the beginning of the town's prestige as the "Oxford of Jasper County." For seven years Montrose was recognized as a seat of learning, then Dr. Waddell was elected Professor of Ancient and Modern Languages at the University of Mississippi and the Montrose Academy was abandoned.Jasper County was practically destitute of schools until 1869 but Montrose boasted a high school in the early 1860's which was one of the first if not the first in the county.
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The Town of Heidelberg

Jasper County is the one of the largest gas and oil producing counties in Mississippi, and most of this valuable asset is located in and around the Town of Heidelberg. With 2 industrial parks located near Interstate 59, and site ready land available, Heidelberg is a prime location for new industry or business.

Located about twelve miles southeast of Paulding, Heidelberg was formed in 1882 and was named for I. W.. Heidelberg, founder of the town. Heidelberg became thickly settled in 1882 when work first began on the Southern Railroad. Before this time there were a few settlers scattered about the area but no community had been formed.

Heidelberg is a friendly town with a great sense of community, good educational facilities (public and private school available). The city also has a great climate and convenient accessibility to state highways, airports, and larger cities.